Event Horizon

Current state of Event Horizon

Event Horizon is currently running our pilot program. That means anyone can mint our free soul-bound NFT voter passes. These entitle you to voting on Event Horizon's Snapshot.
Voter Pass holders can vote to determine which DAOs we want to swap our treasury assets into, which DAOs to support, and of course, voting on these DAO proposals with a potentially massive vote multiple.
Voter Pass NFTs are standins for the eventual HVAX, mHVAX and veHVAX tokens which will be coming out as our smart contracts finish completions and audits. Once the tokens are released, Voter Pass NFTs will change. Your early support won't be forgotten.
But what capital are the Voter Pass NFTs moving?

White glove yield farming

Retail deposits are not supported yet but that hasn't stopped us from getting the ball rolling. Event Horizon is currently partnered with several institutional partners providing Event Horizon tokens to stake in our yield partners like Metronome Finance with the proceeds going into Event Horizon's treasury.
Which can be mobilized by Voter Pass holders.
It's a manual B2B hand-cranked multi-sig solution to ensure proof of concept while the full automated version gets finalized. But the important parts are, Event Horizon is earning revenue, growing its treasury, and giving that treasury's voting power to Voter Pass holders.
This is how Event Horizon is bootstrapping external governance support, but how is Event Horizon's governance structured in the first place?