Event Horizon


After the successful ratification of EHIP-1 Event Horizon's governance procedures were set up. In order to enact a protocol wide change, an Event Horizon Improvement Proposal has to undergo the following steps:
  1. 1.
    Broad community support for said proposal including its phrasing and poll options
  2. 2.
    Posted to and ratification on Event Horizon's Discourse forum
  3. 3.
    Ratified Discourse proposals get posted to and voted on Event Horizon's Snapshot, ratified proposals to me implemented

Sub-DAO vetos

As one of our malicious behavior prevention mechanisms, users who stake a DAO token in Event Horizon receive a zToken (e.g. SUSHI->zSUSHI).
This "certificate of deposit" also serves as a sub-DAO token whereby zTokens can veto any proposal involving their respective DAO (e.g. with a 2/3 majority) using their zTokens as votes.
This ensures the community with larger stake in that DAO have a further degree of protection against the broader community. This will be implemented once retail deposits are enabled.