Event Horizon

HVAX Utility

HVAX can do three things:
  1. 1.
    Internal Governance
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
    External governance multiplication

Internal Governance

When you stake HVAX for veHVAX you can, of course, vote on Event Horizon proposals. That's important, and note, the only thing most of the $40b worth of DAO tokens let you do. So we do that too. But there's more.


You can burn your HVAX
And receive your share of every asset in the treasury. The collections of assets you receive on mint will almost always be valued at or above the dollar value of the yield you've earned (thanks to arbitrageurs and compound yield).
So your HVAX token functions similar to a diversified basket of the broader DeFi space. But it gets better.

External governance multiplication

Whenever a DAO we support has a governance proposal
We duplicate that proposal over to our governance portal
veHVAX token holders vote on this duplicate proposal
And however they vote, the entire treasury,
and all available staked assets (LP tokens) and principal, are mobilized to vote that way.
This has a dramatic effect: people who vote through Event Horizon can have their voting authority multiplied by up to 1000x. This is possible thanks to Event Horizon's novel governance mechanism Implicit Delegation.