Event Horizon

How does Event Horizon mitigate whales?

While whales cannot be fully avoided, Event Horizon does put our finger on the scale in favor of the little guy. When whales stake in Event Horizon they immediately give up their voting power to grow their yield long-term. At the same time, the already existing Event Horizon community gains the power of that whale’s staked deposits. So whales have to slowly earn their voting power back, while the community immediately has that bump in voting power from day one.
For example, let's say Event Horizon has 5m SUSH with an average token participation rate of 1% on Sushiswap duplicate proposals. If a whale stakes 1m in Event Horizon, that whale now has 0 SUSHI voting power, while Event Horizon's community now has 6m SUSHI in voting power (a 20% increase). Those who vote through Event Horizon on a Sushiswap proposal get a 100x vote multiple with an extra 20% power while the whale has to wait to earn their voting power back on the yield accrued. Although whales are still incentivized to stake in Event Horizon (due to our market leading yield rates), their governance power aggregation is set some time.
Additionally, whales also have to compete with other whales from other communities resulting in them watering down each other’s voting power. The result is whales are disincentivized from amassing voting power proportionately compared to retail since they have more to lose.