Event Horizon

How does Event Horizon prevent malicious behavior?

DAOs are not damsels in distress. Most DAOs already have malicious actor prevention in place. This includes a voting council or team vetos like Aave guardians, Maker Verification, Sushi Team Injunction, etc. So Event Horizon's vote is subject to DAO governance protocol like any other wallet.
That being said, Event Horizon offers further protections by giving users who deposited a particular DAO asset the chance to vote to veto the broader community from passing through a proposal. For eg. if members of ExDAO 1 want to use Event Horizon to force through a vote that’s harmful to ExDAO 2, then ExDAO 2 Event Horizon stakers have the ability to vote to veto said to vote with their wrapped tokens. This is outlined in our Governance section.
Furthermore, voting through Event Horizon requires a time lock of HVAX + mHVAX tokens. So if a bad actor wanted to vote against the interests of a supported DAO, they are therefore voting against the interests of the tokens backing their own token (veHVAX). This means that this bad actor has to run with the consequences of their action. The result is a strong incentive to not attack member DAOs lest you shoot yourself in the foot.