Event Horizon

How is Event Horizon different from yield aggregators?

How do they differ?
There's a few key ways that Event Horizon differs from traditional yield aggregators:
  • Monetizing governance authority Today, yield farms/aggregators are successful and attract many yield-orient token holders. Similarly, bribe markets are also a successful alternative form of yield. These to methods, however, are segregated. One cannot effectively earn yield, while also monetizing their governance authority. With Event Horizon, both yield streams are possible simultaneously. By coordinating what would otherwise be hundreds of disparate wallets into a single yield block, Event Horizon can easily mobilize these assets as a voting block. When a bounty is offered to the community, the block can be removed from its yield position (or kept in it if said DAO supports LP token voting), mobilized into an external proposal, and then replaced back into the yield position. In the process, any offered bounties would be claimed and deposited to the community treasury offering an additional form of yield. If Event Horizon garners $50,000 in bounties per $1,000,000 in available voter authority, it would generate an additional 5% yield over and above what is otherwise available on the market.
  • Governance-yield swaps Those who vote through the Event Horizon will earn massive (upwards of 1000x) multiples on their voting power as they will mobilize all of the previously dormant assets of the non-voting yield seekers. In exchange for this, the yield from any assets a governance seeker deposits will be issued to the non-voting yield seekers instead. In this regard, governance seekers have very outsized voting power and yield seekers earn even more additional yield on their assets. More info can be found on our blog.
  • Additional Fees In addition to the passive and continuous swap of yield for governance authority mentioned above, should the market interest be high enough, we may impose a small (1% to 5%) fee when one converts from the HVAX yield asset to the veHVAX voting asset. The voter enjoys the massive voting power multiple, and a small portion of their base asset collateral, in addition, to their ongoing principal yield would be emitted to the yield seekers. This rate would be variable based on demand.