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What's the difference between bounties and bribes?


Much noise has been made about bribes. Our friends over at New Order DAO and Redacted Cartel pioneered the concept with Hidden Hand. Bribe markets operate on top of vote escrow tokenomics structures. Many DeFi protocols (e.g. Curve, Saddle, Ribbon, Frax, Balancer) require their governance tokens to be locked in order to vote. CRV->veCRV. These enable users to vote on the emissions of more governance tokens from their gauge systems to various liquidity pools. There's obviously strong incentives for token protocols to pay users to vote for their liquidity pool so bribe markets were created to facilitate this.
Users can deposit their e.g. CRV into Hidden Hand to receive bribes. But the key here is that the highest bidder wins. Bribes are obligatory.


Bounties while related are different. Bounties allow users to earn money for their vote, but users can say no to the money. This is important to mainining the integrety of the democratic system.